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A sampling of our most popular services and trusted products.

good ole wood sashes

Insulated Glass Repair

Have fogged or broken windows? 
Most Vinyl, Aluminum & Wood Windows & Doors can be serviced efficiently and inexpensively without replacing the sash or frame.

We can match most tints, grids, and coatings for a seamless repair!

a fulfilling first day back to work afte

Shower Enclosures

We offer a wide selection of frameless shower door hardware, sliding shower door hardware, and heavy glass products to ensure you find exactly what you're looking for, at a competitive price.
Every bath is different, let our expertise work for yours.


Custom Mirror

From bathrooms to custom frames, cabinet inserts to furniture, or closets to commercial dressing rooms --wherever you want a new mirror or need to replace an existing weathered mirror, we can help.
See us for Mirror hardware, adhesives & accessories too!


Shelving & Cabinet

Building a new kitchen, or updating your existing cabinets? Glass shelves can improve in-cabinet lighting & design. Low-Iron shelving (pictured) allows more light through --making it an ideal choice for brighter displays.
We also offer a wide range of door glass options and installation methods for a high-quality finish.


Tabletop & Furniture

Have a desk, table, nightstand or other delicate piece of furniture that you would like to protect? Custom glass table tops can add class, protection, and even texture and color to your space.
Don't settle for "close enough" -- we believe your glass should fit well and compliment your aesthetic too.


At-Home Gym Mirror

Want to up your stay-at-home fitness game? Mirrors can help make a space look larger and purposeful --but more importantly, a mirror can help prevent injuries in your at-home gym.
Book a free at-home estimate today: we'll focus on the glass, so you can focus on your form.


Shower Door Repair & Refresh

Shower Door dragging or won't close?
Towel bar or handle falling off?
Sliding door broken or loose?
Don't let frustrating glass shower door hardware failures interrupt your routine.
Interested in upgrading your functional shower? We can help with that too.


Window Screen Repair & Replacement

No more guessing! Call us to schedule a free measure appointment today. We offer screen mesh & hardware replacement, as well as new screen fabrication.
Looking for a better screen? We offer products designed to shed weather, offer improved airflow and best-available clarity.


Patio Screen Door Repair & Replacement

Screen doors take abuse -- and they require adjustment and periodic repair to last. We offer several door styles, in standard and designer colors-- plus ruggedized pet-friendly screen mesh and  powdercoated aluminum door grilles to improve longevity and durability.


Removal & Disposal

We safely remove large wall mirrors, old shower enclosures, and more.
We make every attempt to reuse or recycle as much of our waste as possible --your old projects may bring new life to another home needing repair.
Also offering temporary removal & reinstallation during leak and tile repairs.


Glass Transportation

Recently purchased a new shower kit or glass table, and need a safe method of transporting shower glass, mirror, or other flat glass materials? We can safely transport and move your materials on the road, and into your home or office.
Have cold feet installing your new DIY vanity mirror or shower door? We also offer installation of some retail glass products.


your unique project

Have a unique idea around your home or office? Looking for custom, affordable glass solutions for you or your customers?
GLASSCADIA is a great place to start with all of your custom glass needs.
Have an idea to push the boundaries? Give us a call and let's build something different, together.

Not finding what you're looking for? We can help, click here to tell us about your project.

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